Fine jewellery should possess its character, life & should be wearable through time.

Clients share with us their thoughts on the making of each jewellery piece – what they love and the story behind each piece. We custom-make each jewellery piece through understanding our clients’ needs.

Our experienced jewellers will carefully gather client’s ideas and work on the design sketches. Once the designs are confirmed, different teams would work on the stone selection and jewellery piece production.

Each stone is carefully selected by our specialist through enormous sorting effort for quality & consistency. The design sketches are then transformed into jewellery pieces through our craftsmen spending numerous hours at the bench.

We believe close communication and interaction, whether amongst different teams or with our clients, are vital to the success of a unique, vibrant fine jewellery piece.

Although it takes a long time to produce each custom-made piece, the Tonghorn team finds it most rewarding to see the client’s smile and satisfaction upon viewing the final finished piece of jewellery.